disturbance record synchronization

The International Conference on Innovation for Secure and Efficient Transmission Grids is organized by the CIGRE Belgian National Committee and will be hosted by Elia.

 Dr. Luc Philippot will present two papers describing some recent NetCeler projects and design work for Elia.

The first contribution will take place on Thursday, 13th from 10.30 to 12in section 5B (Asset Management III). It will address some performance improvements of the aging disturbance recording system of Elia. In particular, it was possible to post-synchronize the disturbance recordings instead of installing numerous clocks in the substations.

A second contribution on the same day at 1:30pm in session 6B (Promising Developments) will present the possibilities and advantages of semi-automated analysis of disturbance recordings. The key issues here are the monitoring of circuit breaker switching events and the verification of protection schemes.

The full technical programme of the conference can be downloaded from here.

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