The specialist in innovative monitoring

Pharmaceutical industry, electricity transport and distribution networks, research laboratories: NetCeler has been designing innovative monitoring solutions for critical environments since 1997.

The company combines proven softwares and acknowledged professional expertise for designing solutions to meet its customers’ requirements: real-time measurement viewing, data tracking and archiving, system monitoring, process analysis and optimization, etc. These solutions include all necessary support services as well as any special development work that may be required.

NetCeler’s success is based on:

  • in-depth experience in measuring, information systems and software development;
  • know-how in research, engineering, deployment and maintenance for monitoring systems;
  • expertise in all activities related to energy, electrical engineering and qualification of industrial systems.

A range of innovative products

The company stands out for its ability to integrate technological and business values into specific solutions. Its services are enhanced by the strong links that exist between the designer and the end-user, its long-term customer support as well as a corporate culture dedicated to collective performance and quality of human relations. A team of more than 40 genuine enthusiasts, mostly engineers, creates and deploys innovative monitoring solutions designed and built on the basis of three key products:


Power quality monitoring and fault analysis in power transmission and distribution networks


Critical environmental parameters monitoring in pharmaceutical and associated industries


Remote operation systems of car-parks