The founding principle

In 1997, NetCeler was created by 2 engineers, Olivier Macq and Marc Koulischer, on the simple idea: apply new internet technologies to the world of technical management and monitoring.

From the beginning, IntraVision platform has been at the heart of the business strategy. Over the years, this platform allowed putting together software brics dedicated to monitoring and offering them to a large number of businesses.

Implementation into business products

Progressively, NetCeler created a whole range of products whose names begin with “IV” to remind the link with IntraVision platform :

  • IVox: sound management in public places
  • IVeille: management of technical alarms
  • IVigile: traffic monitoring
  • IVTracer: environmental monitoring for pharmaceutical industries
  • IVPower: power quality monitoring and power networks fault analysis
  • IVPark: remote operation of car parks
  • IVEnergy: energy performance monitoring
  • IVSystem: generic SaaS monitoring

A vision up to date

In 2002, Luc Philippot, Doctor in Electrotechnics, joined the company to develop a solid business unit dedicated to power networks (IVPower product). Through his contribution, NetCeler has become a worldwide renowned actor in this activity, particularly automatic fault analysis affecting power networks. Today, NetCeler continues to set its strategy on strong partnerships and on issuing products willing to tackle turning points: Cloud, Saas, mobile device, mobile measurement, wireless networks and BigData.