NetCeler - September 2016
NetCeler - September 2016
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IVTracer : monitoring solution with GMP Requirements

IVTracer is a tool that brings to an industrial site a veritable
" monitoring infrastructure " fully compliant with GMP requirements.
Once installed, it is very simple and inexpensive to evolve thanks to a strong technology for automatic diffusion in the system in any case of change.

For optimal effectiveness, this infrastructure can be pooled across multiple production sites, on central servers. Each site has just to connect its probes (wired or wireless) without the need for re-qualification of the central software. The savings costs can be significant.

Deployed on several thousand points of critical monitoring,
constantly evolving to meet the demands of its customers, IVTracer is not linked to any manufacturer and therefore helps with the implement of a GMP monitoring solution strong, independent, sustainable and easy to maintain and evolve.
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How to comply with GMP requirements for monitoring ?
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