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NetCeler at CIGRE – Paris (22-26 August 2016)
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22 -26 August 2016 – Paris – Palais des Congrès
Level 3, Booth 308
Building upon 15 years of experience in the field of power system monitoring, NetCeler has developed the IVPower web-based software for transmission and distribution system operators. NetCeler unveils its latest innovations at CIGRE  2016, the biennial worldwide forum of the electrical power industry, held in Paris, France.
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About IVPower
IVPower is a web-based software product dedicated to power systems monitoring. Its multi-purpose features and applications architecture avoids deploying numerous monitoring tools.

As an automatic fault analysis (AFA) system, IVPower is designed to complement power system protection and control systems by providing a detailed view on power system disturbances.  IVPower uses disturbance recordings and event logs as the main sources of data. Analog signals of the disturbance recordings are used to perform automatic fault detection and analysis at power system level, providing, notably, optimum reactance-based fault location based on measurements from one, two, or more terminals of power lines or cables. Status changes of process signals in the event logs complement the binary signals of the disturbance recordings; altogether, and combined to the accurate fault location results, they allow to analyse the behaviour of protection relays and circuit breakers.  Within a few minutes after a fault, IVPower provides time-sensitive and crucial information needed for remedial actions to operators and experts by email or text message.
COMTRADE - Disturbance Record Analysis
Figure 1: COMTRADE - Disturbance Record Analysis
IVPower is also a manufacturer-independent power quality monitoring (PQM) system that is able to collect and store reliably data from any device with power quality functions, including power quality meters compat
ible with the IEC 61000-4-30 Class A standard, as well as new smart meters installed at low voltage levels. IVPower provides a “network” view of the power quality: the correlation between the causes of disturbances (lightning strikes …) and their consequences (voltage dips) allows fast and competent processing of customer claims and medium-term improvement of the power system. All measurements provided by power quality meters are available and IVPower indicates the operating margin.

Finally, IVPower includes standard features for processing and displaying synchrophasors in real time. This can be particularly useful with existing DFRs including PMU services. The software can also record them and provide data captures in case of a fault or on any other triggering event, providing wide-area monitoring system (WAMS) applications such as the detection and recording of islandings and of power swings in case of a long fault or unstable power system operation.
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